Top 10 Biggest Old Hollywood Scandals

Top 10 Biggest Old Hollywood Scandals

Top 10 Biggest Old Hollywood Scandals

1. Fatty Arbuckle’s Trial (1921)

Fatty Arbuckle, a popular silent film star, was accused of the rape and manslaughter of actress Virginia Rappe during a party. The trial became a media sensation, tarnishing Arbuckle’s career forever.

2. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle Acquitted (1922)

After three trials, Arbuckle was eventually acquitted of all charges related to Virginia Rappe’s death. However, the scandal had already destroyed his reputation, and he struggled to find work afterwards.

3. William Desmond Taylor’s Murder (1922)

The murder of prominent director William Desmond Taylor remains an unsolved mystery. The scandal surrounding his death revealed drug use and illicit affairs within the Hollywood community.

4. Mary Astor’s Diary Scandal (1936)

The divorce proceedings of actress Mary Astor unveiled her diary, which contained explicit details of her extramarital affairs. The scandalous revelations captivated the public and damaged Astor’s reputation.

5. Ingrid Bergman’s Affair (1949)

Ingrid Bergman’s affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini caused a major scandal in Hollywood. The public disapproved of her extramarital relationship, leading to a temporary exile from the film industry.

6. Lana Turner’s Daughter Murder Scandal (1958)

Actress Lana Turner’s daughter, Cheryl Crane, stabbed her mother’s abusive boyfriend to death. The scandal surrounding the murder trial generated extensive media attention and impacted Turner’s career.

7. Judy Garland’s Personal Struggles (1969)

Judy Garland’s long-lasting battle with drug addiction and mental health issues became a widely known scandal. Her struggles affected her professional commitments and ultimately led to her premature death.

8. Charlie Chaplin’s Paternity Scandal (1943)

Charlie Chaplin faced a paternity scandal when actress Joan Barry claimed he was the father of her child. The highly publicized trial resulted in Chaplin’s reputation being marred, though he was eventually acquitted.

9. Elizabeth Taylor’s Multiple Marriages and Affairs

Elizabeth Taylor’s numerous marriages and high-profile affairs made her a constant subject of scandalous gossip. Her personal life often overshadowed her successful acting career.

10. The Blacklisting Era (1947-1960)

The Hollywood Blacklist was a period of political persecution, where suspected communists were denied employment in the film industry. Many careers were ruined, and the scandal impacted Hollywood for years to come.