Ryan Grim: Republicans unlikely to let go of Hunter Biden obsession

In his article, Ryan Grim discusses the Republican Party’s persistent obsession with Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. Despite the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing by Hunter Biden, Republicans have continued to focus on him as a way to attack the Biden administration.

Grim highlights that this obsession has been fueled by former President Donald Trump, who attempted to use Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine as a way to undermine Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Trump’s impeachment trial, which centered around his efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, further amplified the Republican fixation on Hunter Biden.

The author argues that the Republican Party’s determination to keep the Hunter Biden narrative alive is driven by a few factors. Firstly, it serves as a distraction from substantive policy debates and allows Republicans to avoid discussing issues that may resonate more with the American public. Secondly, it helps to maintain unity among the GOP base, which remains loyal to Trump and sees attacking the Biden family as a way to discredit the Democratic Party.

Grim suggests that the continued focus on Hunter Biden is unlikely to wane, despite the lack of new revelations or evidence of any illegal activities. He points out that Republicans have successfully used similar tactics in the past, such as their relentless pursuit of investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In conclusion, Grim asserts that the Republican Party’s fixation on Hunter Biden is rooted in political strategy rather than genuine concern about ethics or corruption. He argues that as long as it serves their purpose, Republicans will likely continue to exploit the Hunter Biden narrative for political gain, even at the expense of more substantive political debates.