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snazzy, snazzy media group
snazzy, snazzy media group
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1 day 1 hour ago

Princess Diana’s niece Lady Amelia Spencer is a married woman after exchanging vows with Greg Mallett on a mountain top in South Africa. #diana #princessdiana


2 days 3 hours ago

Zendaya Was Spotted Wearing a Ring With Tom Holland’s Initials🥺 #zendaya #tomholland #spiderman #euphoria #marvel #zendayaedit #peterparker #zendayacoleman #spidermanfarfromhome. ATTACHMENTS


3 days 4 hours ago

Do you want to increase your followers and outreach. do you want to be popular like other celebrities, snazzymedia can help you, we can feature


4 days 2 hours ago

Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party 2023 Red Carpet Fashion. check hottest Hollywood fashion moments. #oscar #cinema #movie #film #hollywood #oscars #movies #actor #academyawards


5 days 12 hours ago

Thanks for being a top engager and making it onto my weekly engagement list! 🎉 Mobara AaLam, Javaid Masih, Shaik Hydet, Shahzad Khokhor, Rashid Jan


6 days 4 hours ago

Michelle Yeoh becomes the first Asian woman in history to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. #michelleyeoh #ipman #jackiechan #donnieyen #brucelee.

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snazzy, snazzy media group

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snazzy, snazzy media group
snazzy, snazzy media group
snazzy, snazzy media group

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snazzy, snazzy media group

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Akram Özil Algeria

Such a dope app, Love the structure and smooth design, the features are very well built and perfectly designed to make the user experience enjoyable...

Megha Bhagat India

This app is superb having a unique concept wherein u can get news of favourite celebrities, can search for the outfit they wear. And yes, Kudos to the Designer as the app design is looking very marvelous. Keep it up!

Kartik Sharma India

Great app to find latest celebrity news!

Max UK

“Its an Innovative application that allows you to see and track everything that social media, news media and fashion has on any given celebrity!

Praise Mathew India

“One stop place to follow celebs, politics or gossip. Already liking it!

Deborah UK

“WOW! I can keep totally up to date with information on my fave celebs, loving this app!!

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