Snazzy Ariana Grande Laughed At By Rihanna At iHeartRadio

Ariana Grande Laughed At By Rihanna At iHeartRadio

Ariana Grande Laughed At By Rihanna At iHeartRadio

Pop star Ariana Grande was left red-faced at the iHeartRadio Music Awards when Rihanna was caught on camera laughing at her performance. The incident occurred during Grande’s rendition of her hit song “Love Me Harder” at the awards show in 2015.

The Performance

Dressed in a black leather ensemble and thigh-high boots, Grande began her performance with a sultry rendition of “Love Me Harder.” However, as she transitioned into the chorus, she appeared to struggle with her vocals, missing a few notes and sounding strained.

Rihanna’s Reaction

As the camera panned to Rihanna, who was standing backstage, the “Umbrella” singer could be seen laughing and shaking her head at Grande’s performance. This moment quickly went viral on social media, with fans speculating that Rihanna was laughing at Grande’s vocal mishap.

Ariana’s Response

Despite the embarrassing moment, Grande took to Twitter to defend herself, stating that Rihanna was actually laughing at a joke that her friend had made, and not at her performance. She also expressed her admiration for Rihanna, calling her a “queen.”

Reactions from Fans

Fans were divided in their reactions to the incident. Some defended Grande, saying that she was a talented performer who had just had a bad moment. Others criticized her vocals and claimed that she was overrated.

Lessons Learned

The incident serves as a reminder that even the most talented performers can have off nights. It also highlights the power of social media in spreading rumors and causing controversy. However, it is important to take everything with a grain of salt and not jump to conclusions without all the facts.


While the incident may have been embarrassing for Ariana Grande, it did not seem to have a lasting impact on her career. She has continued to release hit songs and tour around the world, solidifying her status as one of the top pop stars of her generation. In the end, it is important to focus on the music and not get caught up in petty controversies.