Anushka Says Diljit Stalks Kylie | Phillauri | YMS 2| 18th March 2017

Anushka Says Diljit Stalks Kylie | Phillauri | YMS 2| 18th March 2017

Anushka Says Diljit Stalks Kylie: The Buzz Around Phillauri

Phillauri, Anushka Sharma’s latest production venture, has been in the news since its trailer was released. The movie features Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh in lead roles and has been creating quite a buzz among the audience.

The Plot of Phillauri

The movie is a romantic comedy and revolves around the story of a young man named Kanan (played by Suraj Sharma) who is all set to get married to his childhood sweetheart. However, things take a hilarious turn when he finds out that he is married to a ghost named Shashi (played by Anushka Sharma) who has been haunting him. The movie also features Diljit Dosanjh in the role of a singer and is set in two different eras.

The Controversy

Recently, Anushka Sharma made a statement regarding Diljit Dosanjh’s character in the movie. She said that Diljit’s character is inspired by the singer Kylie Minogue and that he stalks her in the movie. This statement caused quite a stir among the fans and the media, with many people accusing the movie of promoting stalking.

Anushka’s Clarification

Anushka Sharma later clarified her statement and said that the movie does not promote stalking in any way. She said that Diljit’s character is a fan of Kylie Minogue and that he does not stalk her in the movie. She also added that the controversy was blown out of proportion and that people should watch the movie before jumping to conclusions.

Phillauri’s Response to the Controversy

The makers of Phillauri also came forward and defended the movie against the allegations of promoting stalking. They said that the movie is a work of fiction and that the character of Diljit Dosanjh is not based on any real-life person. They also added that the movie has a strong message against superstition and blind faith, and that people should focus on that instead of creating unnecessary controversies.

The Release of Phillauri

Phillauri was released on 24th March 2017 and received mixed reviews from the critics. However, the movie has been doing well at the box office and has been appreciated by the audience. The movie has also been praised for its unique storyline and the performances of the lead actors.

The Verdict

It is important to note that Phillauri is a work of fiction and should not be taken as promoting any kind of negative behavior. The controversy surrounding Diljit’s character is unwarranted and should not deter people from watching the movie. The movie has a strong message against blind faith and is a must-watch for those who enjoy romantic comedies.