Will Bernie Sanders Bow Out? | CNBC

In the article “Will Bernie Sanders Bow Out?” published by CNBC, the author discusses the likelihood of Bernie Sanders ending his presidential campaign following a series of primary losses to Joe Biden.

The article highlights that Sanders has faced significant setbacks in recent weeks, losing major states like Michigan, Florida, and Illinois. These losses have further diminished his chances of securing the Democratic nomination. Additionally, the author notes that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus away from the primary races and onto the public health crisis, which may also impact Sanders’ decision.

However, the article acknowledges that Sanders has shown resilience in the past, continuing his campaign even when faced with unfavorable odds. The Vermont senator’s progressive policy platform has garnered a passionate following, particularly among younger voters, who remain dedicated to his candidacy.

The author suggests that although Sanders faces an uphill battle, he may still decide to remain in the race in order to influence the Democratic Party’s platform and push for his policy priorities to be included. While some Democratic leaders have called for unity and for Sanders to step aside, others believe he should have a say in shaping the party’s direction.

Ultimately, the article concludes that whether Sanders bows out or continues his campaign will depend on various factors, including the upcoming primary schedule, his supporters’ sentiments, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the electoral process.