Snazzy Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Punched Him and Says 1st Kiss With Raquel Leviss Was Magnetic

Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Punched Him and Says 1st Kiss With Raquel Leviss Was Magnetic

Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Punched Him

Tom Sandoval, one of the stars of the popular reality show Vanderpump Rules, has revealed that his girlfriend Ariana Madix punched him in the face during a heated argument. The incident allegedly happened while the couple was filming for the show’s upcoming season.

The Details of the Fight

According to Sandoval, he and Madix were discussing a sensitive topic when things got out of hand. He claims that Madix became aggressive and punched him in the face, causing him to bleed. Sandoval says that he was shocked by her behavior and that he never expected her to become physically violent.

Madix, on the other hand, denies the allegations and says that Sandoval is exaggerating the incident. She says that she did hit him, but only in self-defense, as he was being verbally abusive towards her. Madix claims that Sandoval was the one who escalated the situation and that she was simply defending herself.

The Aftermath

The incident has caused a stir among fans of the show, who are divided on who is telling the truth. Some believe Sandoval’s version of events, while others side with Madix. Regardless of who is right, it’s clear that the fight has taken a toll on their relationship.

Sandoval says that he and Madix are still together, but that things are strained between them. He says that he’s not sure if their relationship can recover from this, but that he’s willing to try. Madix, on the other hand, says that she’s done with the drama and that she’s focusing on herself for the time being.

Sandoval Says 1st Kiss With Raquel Leviss Was Magnetic

In other news, Sandoval recently revealed that his first kiss with his co-star Raquel Leviss was “magnetic.” The two have been friends for several years, but only recently decided to take their relationship to the next level.

The Details of the Kiss

Sandoval says that he and Leviss were hanging out one night when they both realized that there was something more between them. They shared a kiss, and Sandoval says that it was unlike anything he’s ever experienced before.

He describes the kiss as “magnetic,” saying that there was an instant connection between them. Sandoval says that he knew then and there that he wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with Leviss.

The Future of Their Relationship

Sandoval says that he and Leviss are taking things slow and that they’re enjoying getting to know each other on a deeper level. He says that he’s excited about the future and that he feels like he’s found someone who truly understands him.

As for the rest of the cast of Vanderpump Rules, Sandoval says that they’ve been supportive of his new relationship. He says that everyone is happy for him and that they’re all looking forward to seeing where things go with Leviss.


It’s clear that Sandoval is going through a lot right now, with both the drama with Madix and the excitement of his new relationship with Leviss. Only time will tell how things will play out for him, but one thing is for sure – fans of the show will be watching closely to see what happens next.