Snazzy Justin Bieber Flirts With Ariana Grande & Gets Totally Rejected

Justin Bieber Flirts With Ariana Grande & Gets Totally Rejected

Justin Bieber Flirts With Ariana Grande & Gets Totally Rejected


Pop superstar Justin Bieber recently made headlines after attempting to flirt with fellow singer Ariana Grande on social media, only to be swiftly rejected. The incident has sparked a lot of chatter among fans and media outlets alike, with many wondering what exactly happened and what it means for the two pop stars.

The Flirting Incident

The incident in question occurred when Bieber commented on one of Grande’s Instagram posts, telling her she looked good and asking if she would like to “date me for a little bit.” Grande, however, was quick to shut down Bieber’s advances, responding with a simple “LOL no.”

While some fans found the exchange amusing and lighthearted, others saw it as a sign of disrespect towards Grande and her relationship with her fianc√©, Dalton Gomez. Many took to social media to criticize Bieber’s behavior, with some calling him out for being inappropriate and others accusing him of trying to come between Grande and Gomez.

The Aftermath

Following the incident, both Bieber and Grande remained relatively quiet on the matter, with neither of them commenting further on the exchange. However, the incident did spark a larger conversation about the nature of celebrity relationships and the boundaries that should be respected in such situations.

Many fans and commentators argued that Bieber’s advances were inappropriate given Grande’s relationship status, and that he should have shown more respect for her and her partner. Others defended Bieber, saying that the exchange was harmless and that he was simply joking around with a friend.

What It Means for the Two Pop Stars

As for what the incident means for Bieber and Grande, it’s hard to say. While the exchange was certainly awkward and uncomfortable, it’s unlikely to have any long-term effects on their respective careers or relationships.

Grande has remained tight-lipped about the incident, choosing instead to focus on her music and her upcoming wedding to Gomez. Bieber, meanwhile, has continued to promote his latest album and his own personal life, occasionally sharing updates about his own relationship with his wife, Hailey Bieber.


In the end, the incident between Bieber and Grande serves as a reminder of the complicated nature of celebrity relationships and the challenges that come with maintaining boundaries in the public eye. While the exchange may have been uncomfortable for both parties, it’s unlikely to have any lasting impact on their careers or personal lives. As for fans, it’s important to remember that celebrities are human beings too, and that their private lives should be respected and protected.