Snazzy Jake Paul Begs For Help After Being Punched By Ryan Garcia

Jake Paul Begs For Help After Being Punched By Ryan Garcia

Jake Paul Begs For Help After Being Punched By Ryan Garcia

It’s no secret that Jake Paul has been making headlines for his controversial antics and boxing matches. However, the YouTuber turned boxer recently found himself in a tough spot after being punched by professional boxer Ryan Garcia.

The Incident

The incident occurred during a training session between the two boxers. In a video posted on social media, Ryan can be seen throwing a punch at Jake, which lands squarely on his chest. The impact of the punch causes Jake to fall to the ground, gasping for air and begging for help.

Jake’s Reaction

Following the incident, Jake took to social media to share his experience and ask for help. In a series of Instagram stories, he explained that he felt like he couldn’t breathe and was experiencing pain in his chest. He also shared a video of himself lying on the ground, with his team members trying to help him.

Controversial Reputation

Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy. The YouTuber turned boxer has been involved in a number of controversies over the years, ranging from accusations of racism and bullying to being arrested for looting during the Black Lives Matter protests. His reputation has led many to question the authenticity of his boxing career, with some accusing him of using it as a way to gain attention and make money.

Ryan Garcia’s Response

Ryan Garcia has not yet commented on the incident. However, many boxing fans have praised the professional boxer for his skill and sportsmanship, with some even calling him the future of boxing.

The Future of Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

It’s unclear what impact this incident will have on Jake Paul’s boxing career. Some have suggested that it could be a wake-up call for the YouTuber, forcing him to take his training more seriously. Others have speculated that it could be the end of his career, as many boxing fans have already written him off as a joke.


Jake Paul’s recent incident with Ryan Garcia has once again put the controversial YouTuber in the spotlight. While some have praised him for his willingness to take on professional boxers, others have criticized him for his lack of skill and dedication. Only time will tell what the future holds for Jake Paul’s boxing career, but one thing is for sure – he won’t be fading into obscurity anytime soon.