Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Spar Over Progressive Credentials | CNBC

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders engaged in a heated debate over their progressive credentials during a recent Democratic presidential debate. The clash highlighted the ideological differences between the two candidates, with Clinton emphasizing her pragmatic approach to achieving progressive goals, while Sanders argued for a more radical and transformative agenda.

Clinton defended her record as a progressive, pointing to her work on issues like healthcare reform and women’s rights. She argued that she understands the need for compromise and believes in getting things done, even if it means making incremental changes. Clinton also criticized Sanders for his proposed healthcare plan, arguing that it would dismantle the Affordable Care Act and leave millions of Americans without coverage.

Sanders, on the other hand, positioned himself as a true progressive and champion of the working class. He highlighted his consistent stances on issues like income inequality and Wall Street reform, contrasting it with what he called Clinton’s ties to corporate interests. Sanders argued for a more radical agenda, including universal healthcare and free college education, arguing that such measures are necessary to address the systemic problems facing the country.

The debate showcased the divide within the Democratic Party between those who favor a more pragmatic, incremental approach and those who advocate for more radical change. Both candidates made their case to the progressive base, with Clinton arguing for a more realistic path to achieving progressive goals and Sanders advocating for a bold and transformative agenda. The clash highlighted the different visions within the Democratic Party and the ongoing struggle to define what it means to be a progressive in today’s political landscape.