GloRilla Oakland CA Club Promoter SPEAKS Pulling ? On GloRilla And CMG SCAMMING Them For 30k

GloRilla Oakland CA Club Promoter Speaks Out: Pulling ? On GloRilla and CMG Scamming Them for 30k

GloRilla Oakland CA Club Promoter Speaks Out: Pulling ? On GloRilla and CMG Scamming Them for 30k

The Alleged Scam

GloRilla, a well-known club promoter in Oakland, CA, recently made shocking accusations against CMG, a popular entertainment company. According to GloRilla, CMG scammed them out of $30,000, leading to an altercation where a gun was reportedly pulled. This incident has caused a stir in the local entertainment community, raising concerns about transparency and trust within the industry.

The Background

GloRilla has been an influential figure in the Oakland club scene for years. Known for organizing successful events and bringing in top-tier artists, their reputation has been built on trust and professionalism. CMG, on the other hand, is a rising entertainment company with a growing presence in the region.

The Alleged Scam Unveiled

GloRilla claims that they entered into a contract with CMG to organize a high-profile event featuring several renowned artists. According to the agreement, CMG was responsible for covering the expenses, including artist fees, venue rental, and promotion costs. GloRilla, as the promoter, was entitled to a percentage of the event’s profits.

However, as the event approached, GloRilla noticed discrepancies in the financial statements provided by CMG. They discovered inflated expenses, additional charges, and missing documentation, all of which led them to believe that CMG was attempting to scam them out of their rightful share of the profits.

The Altercation and Gun Incident

Frustrated and feeling betrayed, GloRilla confronted CMG about the alleged scam. The confrontation quickly escalated, and tensions ran high. Witnesses claim that a heated argument ensued, resulting in a member of GloRilla’s team allegedly pulling out a gun, threatening CMG representatives.

Community Response and Implications

The alleged incident has sparked a wave of concern within the local entertainment community. It raises questions about the prevalence of scams and dishonest practices in the industry. Promoters, artists, and other stakeholders are now questioning the trustworthiness of their business partners and the need for more stringent contracts and financial transparency.

Law enforcement is currently investigating the alleged gun incident, while the dispute between GloRilla and CMG is likely to end up in court. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for the future of the Oakland entertainment scene and the measures taken to prevent similar incidents.


The alleged scamming incident involving GloRilla and CMG has sent shockwaves through the Oakland entertainment industry. It highlights the importance of trust, transparency, and fair practices within the business. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this dispute will be resolved and what impact it will have on the local community in the long run.