Flashi Media Taylor Swift Reacts To Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Diss

Taylor Swift Reacts To Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Diss

Taylor Swift Reacts To Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Diss

Taylor Swift Reacts To Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Diss


Recently, the music industry has witnessed a playful yet controversial exchange between two of the industry’s biggest stars, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. It all began when Cyrus made a hilarious diss towards Swift during her hosting gig on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The Diss Heard Around the World

During Cyrus’ opening monologue on ‘Saturday Night Live’, she took a moment to address the recent release of Swift’s re-recorded album, ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. In a comical tone, Cyrus stated, “I actually really like the new versions of her songs. Why? Because they’re not about her exes anymore!” The audience erupted in laughter, but little did Cyrus know, her remark would soon catch Swift’s attention.

Taylor Swift Fires Back

As news of Cyrus’ diss spread like wildfire, Swift took to social media to share her response. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Swift wrote, “Well, I never thought I’d have to defend myself against a hilarious SNL monologue, but here we are. I’m proud of my songwriting, and I will continue to write about my life, past and present. That’s what art is all about – expressing oneself.”

A Playful Exchange

Despite the initial tension, it soon became apparent that the exchange between Swift and Cyrus was all in good fun. Swift later posted a clip from Cyrus’ monologue on her Instagram story, adding a laughing emoji and the caption, “Well played, @MileyCyrus. Well played.”

Support and Empowerment

While this playful exchange may have caused a stir among fans, it also highlighted the importance of supporting and empowering fellow artists. Both Swift and Cyrus have been vocal proponents of women’s empowerment in the music industry, and this interaction served as a reminder that even in moments of playful banter, it is crucial to uplift one another.


Ultimately, the diss from Miley Cyrus on ‘Saturday Night Live’ sparked a light-hearted exchange between two prominent figures in the music industry. Taylor Swift’s response showcased her resilience and dedication to her craft, while also emphasizing the importance of supporting fellow artists. As fans eagerly await future developments, it is clear that this playful banter will not overshadow the mutual respect and admiration these two superstars have for one another.