Flashi Media Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend

Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend

Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend

After her highly publicized breakup with actor Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift has finally found love again.

The New Boyfriend

The lucky man is English actor Joe Alwyn, whom Swift has been secretly dating for several months now. Alwyn is relatively unknown in Hollywood, having only starred in a handful of independent films, but he has been making waves in the British film industry.

The Relationship

The couple has managed to keep their relationship under wraps, with neither party confirming nor denying their romance. However, sources close to the couple have revealed that they are very happy together and that their relationship is going strong.

Swift and Alwyn have been spotted together on several occasions, but they have made a conscious effort to keep their relationship out of the public eye. They have been seen taking walks together in London, enjoying quiet dinners, and attending concerts together.

Why The Secrecy?

Swift has been notoriously private about her relationships in the past, and it seems that she is continuing that trend with Alwyn. After her highly publicized relationships with Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, and Harry Styles, it is understandable that she would want to keep her new relationship out of the spotlight.

Alwyn is also a relatively unknown actor, and it is possible that he wants to focus on his career without the added pressure of being in a high-profile relationship.

What Does This Mean For Swift?

Swift has always been known for writing songs about her past relationships, but it remains to be seen whether she will write about her new romance with Alwyn. If their relationship is as strong as sources suggest, it is possible that Swift may want to keep it private and not turn it into fodder for her songwriting.

Regardless of whether or not she writes about her new relationship, Swift seems to be in a good place right now. She has been focusing on her music and her new album, which is set to be released later this year.


Taylor Swift has found love again with actor Joe Alwyn, and the couple seems to be going strong. While they have been keeping their relationship under wraps, sources close to the couple have revealed that they are very happy together. Only time will tell whether or not Swift will write about their romance in her music, but for now, she seems to be enjoying the privacy of her new relationship.