EAM Jaishankar’s Veiled Attack On Pakistan At BRICS In South Africa: ‘Terrorism Must Be…’

During the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ meeting in South Africa, India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM), Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, made a veiled attack on Pakistan, emphasizing the need for concerted action against terrorism. EAM Jaishankar highlighted that terrorism continues to pose a significant threat to international peace and security and stressed the importance of addressing this issue collectively.

Although Jaishankar did not name Pakistan directly, his comments were widely interpreted as a reference to the country. India has long accused Pakistan of harboring and supporting terrorist groups that operate on Indian soil. The Indian government has repeatedly called on Pakistan to take decisive action against these groups and dismantle their infrastructure.

Jaishankar’s remarks came against the backdrop of the recent ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. This agreement was viewed as a positive step towards de-escalation and normalizing relations between the two countries. However, India remains cautious and insists that Pakistan must demonstrate genuine commitment to ending cross-border terrorism.

The BRICS meeting provided an opportunity for Jaishankar to highlight India’s concerns and rally support from other member countries, namely Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa, to address the issue of terrorism collectively. He stressed the importance of adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards terrorism and called for all nations to fulfill their obligations under international counter-terrorism frameworks.

Jaishankar’s veiled attack on Pakistan at the BRICS meeting serves as a reminder of India’s unwavering stance on terrorism and its determination to hold countries accountable for supporting or sheltering terrorist organizations. It also reflects India’s efforts to rally international support in combating this global menace.