“Be careful baba” Malaika Arora SCOLDS paparazzi #shorts #malaikaarora

“Be careful baba” Malaika Arora SCOLDS paparazzi #shorts #malaikaarora

“Be careful baba” Malaika Arora SCOLDS paparazzi

“Be careful baba” Malaika Arora SCOLDS paparazzi


Malaika Arora, the Bollywood actress and television personality, recently made headlines when a video of her scolding the paparazzi went viral on social media. The incident took place during a public event where Malaika was surrounded by a crowd of photographers trying to capture her every move. In the video, Malaika can be seen warning one particular photographer to be careful while clicking her pictures.

The Incident

As Malaika was making her way through the crowd, a photographer came too close to her, causing her to lose her balance. Reacting quickly, she scolded the paparazzo saying, “Be careful baba!” Her stern tone and concerned expression made it clear that she was not happy with the photographer’s behavior.

Malaika’s Message

Malaika’s scolding not only highlighted the importance of respecting personal space but also shed light on the dangers that celebrities sometimes face due to the aggressive nature of paparazzi. It served as a reminder that celebrities are human beings too and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

The Impact

Malaika’s video resonated with many people who applauded her for standing up for herself and setting boundaries. It sparked a conversation about the paparazzi culture and the need for more responsible and ethical practices within the industry. The incident also drew attention to the potential risks that celebrities face while navigating the public eye.

Celebrity Privacy

This incident brought back the discussion on the invasion of privacy that celebrities often endure. While being in the public eye comes with its perks, it also means constantly being under scrutiny. Celebrities are entitled to their personal space, and the incident with Malaika Arora served as a reminder of the importance of respecting their boundaries.


Malaika Arora’s scolding of the paparazzi has sparked a much-needed conversation about celebrity privacy and the need for responsible media practices. It serves as a reminder that celebrities deserve respect and dignity, just like any other individual. As fans and consumers of media, it is crucial that we support ethical practices and encourage a culture where celebrities can feel safe and protected. Malaika’s brave stance serves as an inspiration for other celebrities to set boundaries and speak out against invasive paparazzi behavior.